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Bronto heading the top of the world

Some of you might remember the Bronto Arctic Challenge of Spring 2010 when six members of the Bronto family did an expedition in Lapland. The dream of reaching new heights brought us together with a Finnish explorer Kari Suomela who has skied to the North (2006) and South (2008) Poles unsupported and is now heading to Mount Everest . If he reaches the top, he'll be the 7th person in the world who has done all three - and certainly the first to wave the Bronto flag at the height of 8848 metres.

His group reached the base camp on April the 10th and at the moment  they prepare themselves for the last section by setting up intermediate camps towards the peak which will be reached sometime between the middle - the end of May if everything goes well.

Further information and his diary from the way can be found at  http://www.thepole.fi/indexengl.php.  


Due to serious health issues Kari Suomela was unfortunately forced to abort his expedition in the end of April.